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Description of the BILO methodology

The BILO methodology (BILO = bios logos) is a methodology for curing various and mostly chronic diseases by triggering and increasing the body's own healing powers. The BILO methodology completely avoids invasive techniques or the taking of medications and uses only a combination of gymnastic exercises and meditative enhancement in order to strengthen the functioning of the body processes.

Origin and history

The Asian way of thinking is its main origin, because it sees body and mind as an inseparable unit. The founder of the method is the BILO Martial artist, Sensei Reiner Niessen (Note: he is an artist, not a sportsman).

Reiner Niessen (6th Dan in Karate and other master degrees in Aikido and Nin-Jitsu) earned a reputation as martial artist and instructor in the 70's to 90's. Based on the basics of ZEN and by linking combat skills and mind in perfection, he broke up largely with the traditional western ideas of martial arts, and combined the asian understanding of body and mind with body control and awareness of opportunities in mental borderline situations (which makes the conversion to a real martial artist).

This development led to a universal understanding of the functioning of the body processes, to a combination of physical and mental strength and unleashed unknown opportunities, which are present in each of us (among others the selfhealing power of the body).

In the years 2005 – 2007, he wrote his book "bios logos, the doctrine of life", which describes the bilo-method extensively, but at this time without calling it by name and without putting the healing aspect in the foreground. Starting in 2008, Sensei Niessen further developed the BILO methodology as an independent healing
methodology and currently practices in his own training and gymnastics center in Thailand.

Basics of the healing methodology

The BILO methodology assumes that a human being is a product of his thinking and his/her way of life. Changes to one of these two factors lead inevitably to a change of his condition (physical problems and diseases). Therefore, the BILO methodology considers a human being at any time as a uniform system (body, mind and environment). First of all, a human being is mostly healthy in this unity of body and mind. Disease is defined as a disturbance of this uniform system. In this respect, the BILO methodology does still not differ from other conventional methods.

But in addition, during the treatment of a "sick person", all faults are detected, whereupon the entirety of body and mind is never separated. Symptoms are detected, but not directly and exclusively treated. In fact, the causes for these symptoms ("disturbances") are analyzed and then a complete system hereof will be treated. So, the result is that before the actual treatment all disturbances will be found and placed into a context to each other. Accordingly, the specialty of the BILO methodology is that not only symptoms and obvious illnesses are considered for the diagnosis, but also other existing parameters. This includes living conditions, drugs, sporting activities and smoking. The goal of treatment according to the BILO
methodology is that the whole system "human" is working again and all faults (outer and inner ones) are largely eliminated.

Another result is that the patient must first suppress all outside interferences. Smokers, for example, cannot be treated, as the nicotine would block any healing success, because its impact on the overall system is simply too large. After smoking has been given up, treatment is usually possible. In addition, it will be thoroughly examined, which drugs could prevent the healing power of the body.

Healing instead of just treating!
Bios Logos Thailand is looking worldwide for a prestigious university, who is willing to teach the BILO methodology to their students.
Help us to heal more people without drugs and without surgery, than we can do it alone. It could start on your university, in your city, in your country.
Do you know someone or you yourself are in a position where you can spread the BILO methodology with us, then please contact us.
Our letter as copy and for forwarding to all medically-oriented research and education institutions.

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